SDiB Muscat

Initiated in 2012, the Safety Design in Buildings conference campaign debates safety standards and practices in the built environment. Expert Talks take place annualy in every Gulf Country and are presented in Muscat for the first time in 2015 when construction experts from the UAE offer insights through presentations and panel discussions for an improved protection of people and buildings from fire.

The current cycle of events investigates fire safety considerations for malls and other high occupancy buildings with a view to strategy planning, material, egress and safety system requirements, which are constantly challenged by ambitious infrastructure development plans.

The conference brings Fire Consultants, Fa├žade Designers and Testing Experts together with Safety System Suppliers to give an update on industry standards and provide a debating platform for fire safety, prevention and evacuation strategies.

Participants are invited to join and influence the panel agenda by submitting questions and topic proposals. All questions will be addressed live during the panel discussions. Click here to submit